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Sunstone and Gold Coin Necklace

Sunstone and Gold Coin Necklace

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Our gold-filled sunstone and mini coin disc necklace is a whimsical and enchanting piece of jewelry that will add a touch of magic to any outfit!

Delicate and charming, this necklace features sunstone pendants and mini coin charms that dangle ever so gracefully from the gold-filled setting.

It's the perfect necklace for those who want to capture the essence of sunshine and good vibes wherever they go!

The sunstone is a gemstone that is believed to bring joy and positivity to the wearer.

✶ P R O D U C T ✶ D E T A I L S ✶

+ Gorgeous 2.0mm Chain Width 3X2mm Oval Cable

+ Four Natural Sunstone Lepidocrocite Faceted Round Beads - 4 mm

+ One Natural Sunstone Faceted Beads - 7 mm

+ Four Gold Filled 6 mm Circle Tag

+ Hand-formed Hook and Eye Clasp


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